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Scituate Arts Association Holiday House Tour.

Tour Set for December 7
Ticket sales begin Nov 7























For many years, the beauty of the South Shore has been creatively expressedthrough the Scituate Arts Association (SAA). The SAA has nurtured the talent of budding artists, young and old, enriching the community with breathtaking works of art and appreciation of life in New England through the artist's eye.

Whether it reflects the innocence of a child, the angst of a teen, or the wisdom of an adult, the SAA is the perfect forum for visual communication using every medium imaginable.

From public art demonstrations, art and healing programs, to children's classes, watercolor instruction to stained glass construction, the Scituate Arst Association runs a full range of programs that create...

If you have ever desired to wield a brush over canvas, inscribe in pen and ink, or transform wood into carved treasure, then become a member of the SAA and discover your talent in:

Watercolor - Oils - Portraits - Calligraphy - Woodcarving - Stained Glass - Pastels...and more!


With your help, the Ellis Tower has now been repaired and painted.

For Updates on the Ellis House,

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to the
Scituate Arts Association
and the Ellis House
Preservation Fund.



“Seasons Greetings”

November 25th  through December 31st

If you love to browse during the holiday season, you will love to stroll through the paintings, photographs, and prints being offered at the "Season's Greetings" show from November 25th through December 31st at the Front Street Art Gallery in Scituate Harbor.

A First Friday reception will be held on December 5,
6 to 8:30PM.


Art Insert by: "Puffed Up", by John Hietal




Scituate Arts Association would like to thank the following business sponsors for their dedcated support of the arts in Scituate.

Scituate Federal Savings Jack Pelrine, VP
Jack Conway Company Janet Cornacchio, Scituate
Harbour Insurance Steve Drew
Frame Center of Hanover Dave Petty
Curtis Liquors Rick Curtis esq.,
Image Resolution Bill & Phyllis Wenzel



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