For many years, the beauty of the South Shore has been creatively expressed through the Scituate Arts Association (SAA). The SAA has nurtured the talent of budding artists, young and old, enriching the community with breathtaking works of art and appreciation of life in New England through the artist's eye.

Whether it reflects the innocence of a child, the angst of a teen, or the wisdom of an adult, the SAA is the perfect forum for visual communication using every medium imaginable.

The Scituate Arts Association is an important part of the community, from public art demonstrations, High School Scholarships, art and healing programs, to adult and children's classes, watercolor instruction, life drawing workshops or spending the day outdoors creating that unique landscape. The Scituate Arts Association runs a full range of programs that create...ART FOR LIFE.

The Scituate Arts Association in addition, is unique in having its own Art Gallery, located on Front Street in Scituate where many members have the opportunity to show and sell their creations. The SAA are also the stewards of the Historic Ellis House located on Country Way in Scituate. The Ellis House, a unique Victorian Mansion is home to all our indoor classes, workshops as well hosting 1/2 dozen studios for artist. With the addition of your help, we are in the process of restoring this unique home into its former glory.

If you have ever desired to wield a brush over canvas, inscribe in pen and ink, or transform wood into carved treasure, or just enjoy the company and talent of fellow artist, we then encourage you to become a member of the SAA and discover your talent that may lie within.

Watercolor - Oils - Portraits - Calligraphy - Woodcarving - Pastels...and more!

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February 28 through March 31, 2019
Reception: Friday, March 1, 6:00 to 8:30PM
Music provIded by The Driftway Jazz

Artwork Shown: Paul Carley, "Great Ceasar's Grape"

2019 SAA Juried Show Prospectus and here

March 1, 1939 - January 2019

We remember and mourn the lost of long-time SAA supporter, Don Burris

The Ellis House has been a central focus of much of what the SAA Board has done and accomplished over the decades. It has been and remains both the SAA headquarters and major instruction space and the central focus of a multitude of our planning needs and activities. It provides studio spaces for artists and a caretaker’s apartment, together these revenue streams help fund maintenance and other Ellis expenses and provide one income stream for the SAA’s other activities.

The one person that has always been reliable and a great backer of the Ellis Housse, has been Don Burris He has responsible for repairing, and over seeing, many and most of the Ellis House updates. From replacing rotted window frames, beams, quoins (or as Don called them ‘Chiclets’); painted about half of the house inside and out); restored the dining room entry door for use; and repaired wainscoting including matching stain and varnishing. Don has installed lighting, reset toilets, and lots of similarly unglamorous tasks. Don helped with fixing the tower windows and built a solid ladder to allow safe access to the upper level. He has built traditional wood storm windows for the bays and installed triple tracks on other windows. He’s met with electricians and restoration carpenters and plasterers. He’s replaced locks, and on occasion locked out studio artists who were delinquent in paying their user fees. Aman of many talents.

Recently Don did a thorough remodel on our caretaker’s apartment, updating a 1970’s bath and kitchen. In the basement, Don dug trenches to guide water that leaks in through the rubble foundation and installed sump pumps. By now, it should be obvious that Don has played an important role in the restoration of the Ellis and in the SAA’s management of the Ellis. The SAA does modestly compensate members who do extensive skilled carpentry work and the like. We can also always use folks who can do lots of small repairs or are willing to help with restoring the Ellis grounds.

Of course as much as the SAA has done work on its own, it was not until the Community Preservation Act was passed that it was possible for some of the major issues at the Ellis could be addressed. Mass Cultural Council Facilities Funding & the CPC combined meant that drainage issues, a rapidly aging roof & accessibility were all addressed. This summer, Buttonwoods Renovation erected scaffolding on the Ellis front porch and around elsewhere on the house to complete the soffit and gutter work that went beyond the scope of the roofing work. Don has always been present overseeing progress and offering advice, expertise and labor. In the future for jobs like these, the SAA will continue to pursue fundraising and finding grants, but the expertise goes beyond the abilities & tools of the current board members-- the Ellis is not a simple Cape, it is a complex Gothic Revival Romanesque Victorian summer home. Don understood and embraced the dream bringing the Ellis’ back and the fact that I came onto the board with experience in working with a historic house (the Forbes House in Milton) and could envision the Ellis as it should be, was a dream we share.

Thanks to Don, much has been done. Don will be sorely missed for all of the many ways described above. And I will deeply miss him. - Jannet Cornacchio, president SAA

Scituate Arts Association
Still Life Instructional video"

The latest video from Scituate Arts Association discusses the build and creativity of a still life. Watch Robert Beaulieu start with a blank canvas to a finished piece.

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With your help, the Ellis Tower has now been repaired and painted.

Donate to the Scituate Arts Association and the Ellis House Preservation Fund.

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